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Independent Chart Reviews

Dr. Kleiman has conducted numerous Independent Chart reviews for various insurance companies, corporations, and attorneys. He is Board-certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and has a long clinical experience in this practice. These clinical skills along with knowledge of the literature, as well as workers compensation and disability systems make him uniquely qualified to produce superior and influential reports. Dr. Kleiman's reports are timely, objective and detailed. Moreover, they yield scientific, objective, consistent and most importantly, convincing opinions.

  • Record and chart reviews
  • Causation analyses
  • Fitness for duty evaluations
  • Disability evaluations
  • Special expertise in orthopaedic related cases 

Orthopaedic Malpractice Evaluations for Attorneys (Plaintiff and Defense)

Prior to proceeding with a costly investigation, attorneys may contact Dr. Kleiman to review and analyze pertinent medical records. Dr. Kleiman will determine the medical merit of the case by using his own knowledge and experience, reviewing current medical literature, and by consulting with other medical professionals currently practicing orthopaedics. In addition, Dr. Kleiman will prepare the attorney for a deposition or trial by helping the attorney to understand the complex medical issues involved in the case.

  • Initial review of medical records to advise attorney of medical merit of case
  • Expert analysis for deviations from standard medical practices
  • Definition of the appropriate standards of care
  • Client or witness interviews (in conjunction with attorney)
  • Assistance in attorney preparation for trial from medical standpoint
  • Development of appropriate questions to be used in a deposition or trial

Peer Review

Dr. Kleiman will partner with your health care organization to provide quality, unbiased peer review to quickly resolve complex care management problems while preserving the integrity of patient care. His peer review will resolve standard of practice questions and omit internal conflict, helping you to reach the right decisions while reducing legal risk.

  • Review of health care organization's sentinel events or overall quality
  • Review of physician-specific quality events
  • Review of single medical record or many medical records

Medical Records Review

Dr. Kleiman will conduct a medical records review to deliver a thorough understanding of the medical aspect of a case. The process of collecting, analyzing and reviewing medical records by an independent medical consultant is a time saving factor for the attorney and his staff. A medical records review pinpoints the medical issues of a case and defines the complex health questions which are foreign to most attorneys. Dr. Kleiman will manage:

  • Collection and organization of medical records
  • Chronology of medical treatment
  • Extensive research
  • Explanation of the issues of the case

Opinion Letter

Dr. Kleiman will provide opinion letters for medical records he has reviewed, with option of a written summary report detailing his findings and conclusions. If Dr. Kleiman finds merit to the case, he is already on-board to provide whatever additional litigation support is necessary:

  • Opinion letter addresses appropriate and relevant standards of care
  • Opinion letter addresses departures from standards of care
  • Opinion letter reviews approximate cause relationships

Utilization Management

Dr. Kleiman will assist with utilization management procedures for organizations according to established criteria or guidelines. Utilization management may address such issues as discharge planning, concurrent planning, pre-certification, clinical case appeals, concurrent clinical reviews and peer reviews, and appeals introduced by the provider or patient.

  • Evaluation of the appropriateness, medical need and efficiency of health care services procedures and facilities
  • Focus on proactive procedures and processes according to established criteria or guidelines